Vision. Creation. Reality. Launch. Revenue.




We emphasize on the importance of branding and first impression. What we do is quite simple to understand. We become your brand and submerge ourselves into your direct vision. Once we gain the acceptance of the overall project outlook, we help plot, plan & execute your vision into a mesmerizing creation. Upon creation your vision will bloom into an actual physical reality (yes you can reach out and touch it). Pre prepping for the launch of the product we conduct heavy research on what basis of foundation we can first lay to entitle and create revenue for future growth.


Brands rule our everyday lives. We are always sharing that "quality over quantity" is the basis of all branding. This is our true core belief. Years of expierence allow us to generate high key brand awareness for the startups in our portfolio.


We are on the internet/web reading, learning and tutoring ourselves daily on the best practices and latest in tech trends to stand afirm the competition allowing us to precisly pick and choose the correct startups in which fit our partners criteria.


Our direct desire to embed ourselves into our projects means that we as partners in any startup have direct technology abilities to sustain coding, development & assist a build from beginning to start. This implies that our security as a firm for our partners is even more secure than other firms and funds.


Our startups and partners do not have to worry about funding and capital. We have a direct cap limit of allocated funds available to allow us to help create or progress a startups vision beyond the horizon. Leave the financial funding to the professionals while you concentrate on product development.


Raise capital invite strategic partners: Raising the cap on our fund while inviting strategic partners who assist with resources along with overall inflation of the fund.

Create an entire self sustained first of it's kind digital hedge fund: This means it works like a physical hedge fund would only surviving and investing in the digital world of the internet & web.

Divide fund supply startups: Create budgets while dispersing the allocation and allowance of funds which plan to meet the requirements and goals set from within our fund and startups.

Research.Analyze.Report.Rehash: Research the progression of marketing and growth while analyzing in depth reports of set goals structured from within our startups. Digest summarize and rehash expanding growth.

Trim extra fat

Our workflow allows us to easily project future growth, revenue and potiential end life from any chosen industry. We do not hesitate nor do we believe that our partners shall be subjected to continuning the support or funding of any startup that shows no progression or growth. Simply put, some ideas and startups CAN fail! We protect this interest for all partners involved.

Partners & Startups

What are you waiting for? If you have recieved an invitation to learn more about our fund please take the time to indulge on the information listed on our website. We take our fund and products serious (more serious than a heart attack). PG Media is to protect the integrity of all partners and startup founders/teams in their best interest at all times. Ladies and gentlemen.. this is a digital hedge fund. Let us help you grow your assets.