Intechlligent investments means to invest on the intelligence of the human and product combined


Create and propel brands to the masses to make sure every person in the world gets to take part in an amazing experience whether physical or digital.

Starting off in 2013 as a small idea, we turned into advising and building a portfolio of exceptional brands and startups. The combination & experience of well seasoned veterans with a creative young spark of development and heavy startup influence our team was built into existence.

STARTUPS BECOME ESTABLISHED BRANDS - The ability to create and manage a project from conception to existence is our biggest strength. We have handcrafted and maintained the build of many startups on and offline. Our core foundation demands that new innovative ideas which showcase potential to excel in their niche easily fit into our criteria of investment.


Brand specialists, fiancial planners, creative geniuses (since I am creating the website I could find a lot more verbs and words that could describe us to sound more fancy). I was kidding about the last line..

Combined we bring over 25 years of advising, design, development, mergers & acquisitions, legal contracts and various needed professional services that you will appreciate as you build your startup into the next empire on or offline.


Teach us your business, let us learn your vision. PG Media wants to embed ourselves into your project and really understand the creative vision in order to conduct a precise plan of action. A brand that stands out in the end starts with a correct plan with a clear goal.

After you plan your goals it's time to execute your mission. We help assist in the build of your project from start to finish hands on/off mentoring each step easily guiding our partners with direct instructions in order to prepare for the public launch of their product.

Launching your product is the best feeling. When you see your creation from start to finish and actually see people using your services, brand, product and turning some revenue you will truly feel complete. We make sure this transition happens as clean and smooth as possible.


Assets and partners are hard to come by and that is exactly why the combination of the 3 people found below becomes the perfect fit for most startups trying to make their mark in their respective industries.